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Kreoo Arcaico Table

The Davani Group

Shown: Top-Walnut Base-Bianco Sivec, Grey Saint Marie

A series or cluster of massive marble columns form the base of this sculptural table system. An unseen metal structure affixes the columns to a wood or marble top. The marble cylinders act as counter-weights so the tabletop appears to be suspended in space. This has the effect of creating a lightness of form, a simplicity that defies logic and defines beauty. Arcaico, designed by Enzo Berti exclusively for Kreoo, is extremely versatile and customizable. It can be configured as a desk, a rectangular, round or oval dining table or occasional table, or an L-shaped or horseshoe conference table for the most prestigious meeting rooms. The marble bases can be monochrome or mixed colors of natural marble, the tops can be marble slab, lightweight marble or wood, all offered in several choices of Kreoo’s refined colors and finshes. For desks, there is an option of a fully integrated natural leather blotter inset into the top. Suitable for residential, hospitality and contract interior applications.