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Lab Collection by WetStyle

Shown: The BLB 01 Bathtub and The VLBRS 24 Drop-in Sink

Freshness and purity epitomize the Lab collection, a carefully studied design that meets the needs of the modern bathroom while bringing a dynamic and sensual feel to any space. Lab bathtubs feature finely bevelled details and subtle curves. They are also intentionally inclined for the comfort of those who enjoy reading and relaxing in the bath. Designed to meet various space requirements, the bathtubs come in freestanding or wall-adjacent versions. With the freestanding option, the bath becomes a focal point in the room, and with the wall-adjacent version, a reduced footprint saves space for maximum freedom. Its wide deck is convenient for storing personal care products without clutter. The Lab collection has several washbasins to match a variety of layouts and tastes. Models include Lab Round sinks whose curves match the collection’s bathtubs and Lab Square sinks that integrate seamlessly with Stelle pedestals to form a minimalist and space-saving set.