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Kreoo console table

The Davani Group

Shown: Bronze Amani

Sleek, slim, yet substantial, here is a console that quietly makes a statement. In all marble or marble bases with a natural wood top, the harmonious lines of this design by Enzo Berti exclusively for Kreoo will complement any décor. Uniquely wrought so that the square base columns visibly intersect with the top, becoming part of the table’s surface, adding a geometric interest that is subtle when you select a monochrome iteration and more pronounced when you select a contrasting top material. A narrow version of 45 cm, designed to stand against a wall, positions the base columns at the back, so they form the top corners of the composition. Deeper, freestanding or sofa-back console, offered in 65 cm or 95 cm depths, position the foundations in the center at each end, making a gorgeous rule-of-3 detail.